How to decrease the holiday season’s stresses

The holiday season is meant to be one of joy, but too often the joy is reduced by the stresses and anxieties that surface at this time of year. Can these stresses and anxieties be reduced or even eliminated? The answer is yes. In my life coaching practice my clients have had positive results using the following tips, tools and techniques. As in learning to play a piano they do take some practice; but we are not talking about hours of practice a day, we are talking about minutes of practice a day – a really small price for a big payoff.

We can reduce the stresses of the season by increasing our level of tranquility, this is because when we are tranquil we are more likely to respond to any occurrence in a cool, calmer and logical manner, which in turn leads to more favorable outcomes.

  • To increase tranquility do this simple breathing exercise– it only takes 18 seconds. When your alertness is not needed, find a comfortable seat and relax and close your eyes. Inhale through your nose for the count of 5. Hold your breath for the count of 6.Exhale through your mouth slowly for the count of 7, and then open your eyes. Do this once in the morning, noon and evening and whenever you have a sudden need to attain more calm. All it takes is 18 seconds.
  • Gratitude promotes tranquility. Every morning when waking, right before reaching out for your phone to read emails and texts, first think of a couple things you are grateful for. Doing this will start your day on a steadier and more tranquil footing.
  • To take the focus off your stresses and worries I strongly suggest volunteering to lighten someone else’s load and help put a smile on their face. Besides assisting others, volunteering has the positive effect of taking the focus off your current stresses and it also leads to a feeling of personal fulfilment.
  • Don’t strive for perfection; it’s too stressful and time wasting. I promise you that your guests will not enjoy the holiday meal any the less because the napkins did not exactly match the tablecloth! Do your best and they will remember your warmth and hospitality.
  • With holiday shopping comes the challenge of finding parking. Instead of becoming tensed up and stressed while waiting for that elusive spot just say: “Oh well it’s that time of the year, when I see a spot, I’ll take it.”
  • If a house guest has an annoying habit you can decide to not let it affect you and to rather appreciate their good qualities and what it is they have to offer. If matters get out of hand remember that their stay is only temporary.

By making a conscious effort to be more tranquil and calm you are more likely to have a more peaceful and happy holiday season. …..Alan Shein

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