About Alan Shein

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Alan Shein has always had an interest in people and their well-being. In his life coaching practice, he works with a broad spectrum of clients, some of whom are referred by medical doctors. He helps his clients with a variety of issues including anxieties, stress, phobias, and sleeping difficulties. He assists clients with their limiting thoughts, emotions, and behaviors and in doing so helps them go from stuck to unstuck.

A key feature of Alan’s practice is providing his clients with simple yet effective tools to take away with them. He has experience in and teaches people how to use the power of their minds.

In addition to helping and motivating business professionals, athletes, artists, and students to increase their performance levels, Alan also helps people with their current relationship issues and those whose relationships have ended.

Alan customizes the sessions for each client according to the client’s needs and personality, this results in the sessions being extremely solution focused and positive outcome directed.

Alan resides in San Diego, California.