Chapter 49

Stepping Out Of A Rut

“The first step towards getting somewhere is to decide that you are not going to stay the way you are.”
-- J.P. Morgan

There are times when we get into a rut. Being stuck in a rut causes feelings of lethargy and boredom. During those times, it seems like life is just endless days of nothing with little to get excited about.

When you start doing things differently and engage in activities that you have never done before, the chances are strong that you will begin to feel things changing for the better.

Ways to get out of the rut:

  • Take a different way home from work. When traveling along a different or less familiar route, the mind tends to operate less on “autopilot,” causing you to be more conscious and aware of the new surrounding area and to also gain new perspectives.
  • Stop in neighborhood you have rarely or never visited. Take a walk along its streets and pathways, explore the stores and galleries.